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The Diary of the Quintessential Internet Asshole

13 May 1991

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 13360763
Date Created: Never

Nimravus: Consumer of children and destroyer of souls. She is generally considered to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Do not disagree; your opinion is worthless.
Strengths: A PHD in technobabble; ability to stay up until obscene hours; is fluent in macro.
Weaknesses: Inability to avoid wank; procrastination; occasional slips into capslock; sometimes references things that nobody except her understands; goes on the *chans regularly.
Special Skills: Shits rainbows; is a master of sockpuppet-fu; has the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away... with mind bullets!
Weapons: A very large arsenal of macros for use in flame wars; her magical unicorn named Buttercup (she has a rainbow mane); a multitude of large pointy things she keeps under her bed.
Hobbies: Porn.

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I'm a virtual pet whore. Click my eggs!
bad movies, bad puns, badfic, billy connolly, blackadder, blade runner, brain eating, capslock, cat macros, cheesemen, chuck palahniuk, crosby stills nash &young, cthulhu, dana scully, dinosaur comics, discworld, doctor who, electric light orchestra, eric idle, farscape, fawlty towers, fifteen foot scarves, fight club, flying spaghetti monster, fox mulder, frank zappa, free rice, funny farm (damn you!), futurama, graham chapman, gratuitous buttsex, greg house, h.p. lovecraft, hard gay, hippies, house md, insurgency, isaac asimov, jabberwocky, james wilson, jean luc picard, jethro tull, john barrowman's peen, john cleese, john crichton, john lennon, jon stewart, jonathan coulton, keith moon, king crimson, kitten huffing, lewis black, lol numbers, lolcats, lolocaust, macros, maddox, memes, michael palin, monty python, mystery science theatre 3000, nineteen eighty-four, not dying, oscar wilde, pa'u zotoh zhaan, paul mccartney, penguins with afros, philip k. dick, philip k. dick's dick, pink floyd, pirates, porcupine tree, red dwarf, ridley scott, ringo starr, rolling stones, rush, schadenfreude, science fiction, scorpius, shoop da woop, shooping, simon and garfunkel, slash, slaughterhouse-five, smiting, space chase, spock's beard, squidwarts, stanley kubrick, star trek, stephen colbert, stephen fry, superdickery, tenacious d, terry gilliam, terry jones, the beatles, the colbert report, the daily show, the facerapist, the grateful dead, the smoking man, the who, tom petty, trolling, trufax, uncyclopedia, wank, wilson on speed, x-files, yes, your mom, zombies,